Autogenous vaccines

Manufacturing veterinary vaccines for a broad spectrum of diseases Immunisation of animals is generally accepted as the most cost-effective and sustainable method of disease control, historically contributing to the control and eradication of many diseases.

Design Biologix is registered as a manufacturer with Act 36 of 1947 and specialises in commercial and autogenous, or farm specific, vaccines. As a company we strive to manufacture effective products of international quality.

Autogenous vaccines are custom-prepared emergency vaccines that consist of herd-specific (homologous) antigens and are formulated as inactivated/killed final products. Design Biologix specialises in the manufacture of such vaccines for any animal species. Species currently include, but are not limited to, cattle, sheep, goat, pigs, poultry, the aquaculture industry and wildlife species such as rhinoceros, sable, lion, cheetah and wild dog.

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