Animal Health Vaccine Developer


Design Biologix is an animal health vaccine developer and manufacturer, that was started by three members in 1994.
The business is currently wholly owned by Karen Nel and Pieter Smuts and has no principals in the
pharmaceutical industry.

We have served the cattle feedlot industry since 1994 and have been based on the CSIR campus since inception.
Over the past 25 years, the focus of the business has expanded to cover a broader base of commercial animals
and sensitive wildlife species, and currently includes cattle, sheep, goat, the aquaculture industry and wildlife
species such as rhinoceros, sable, lion, cheetah and wild dog. We have increased our annual vaccine output from
approximately 0.7 million doses to 12 million doses.

In addition, the Registrar of Act 36 of 1947 is in the process of implementing legislation to ensure that manufacture
of products registered with Act 36 of 1947 is carried in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) -compliant environment.

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 Animal Health Vaccine Developer
 Animal Health Vaccine Developer
 Animal Health Vaccine Developer