Manufacturer Of Animal Vaccines

The future of Design Biologix is closely aligned with the animal vaccines market, which is sustainable for the following reasons:

The spread of uniquely African animal diseases to the rest of the world has increased our potential market considerably, as we are one of the leading vaccine researchers, developers and manufacturers in Africa.

The use of vaccines as prophylactic treatment of disease is preferable to the use of anti-microbials, to which widespread and untreatable resistance has developed. In addition, anti-microbials are ineffective against viral diseases, while many vaccines are efficient in the prevention of such diseases.

The use of vaccines contributes significantly to food security, as it ensures the good health of the national herd. The use of vaccines also contributes to biosecurity, as vaccination limits or prevents the spread of diseases.

We currently manufacture several registered vaccines for the minimisation of pneumonia, as well as for the prevention of lumpy skin disease in cattle.  The registrations for these products are held by MSD Animal Health, a very large presence in the pharmaceutical industry.

Design Biologix manufactures autogenous vaccines for a broad spectrum of diseases for which no commercial vaccine product exists, as the diseases are limited to sub-Saharan Africa, and not necessarily of interest to global pharmaceutical companies. These products include vaccines for the rapidly growing aquaculture industry, a very promising food source.

 We are in the process of expanding our offering to include strategic vaccines as well as products that support healthy young animals, such as mineral supplements.

 Finally, we believe that the presence of a state-of the-art facility for the development and manufacture of animal vaccines will assist in increasing the international exposure of the Innovation Hub.

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